Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walk Story - 2008 Troy, NY - Rev. Mark Chaffin

    Here's a Walk Story from Rev. Mark Chaffin who participated in the 2008 Troy, NY Walk.

    Hi Frank, about 5 other men/young men and myself, along with an equal number of women walked Saturday as the "Heels for Healing" team. Most were connected with Friends and Families of Homicide Victims, a support group of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty; as well as NY Alliance Against Sexual Assault-Rennsaeler County; and Elephant in the Living Room Group: Men and Women as Allies Opposing Violence Against Women and Girls in Schenectady Cty, NY.

    For me it was the chance to participate in another public event to bring awareness to the role men play in ending sexual and other violence against women. We all pay too high a price for the damage done. I have had a school colleague, my partner, and other friends who have paid that price and I have a 4yr old daughter as well for whom I want a society that protects and respects women. 

    Walking with the team was GREAT, the pain was worth it, bad as it got at times. I walked the entire way and thought about those for whom I was walking and how great it would be if the need to walk ended in my life.  Afterwards I really needed and appreciated the free backrub from the massage therapist who donated time.  I've told my mom and coworkers about the event, all of whom were supportive.  I have determined to walk again next year and continue my work to end violence in all its forms that impact women and girls in my community. We have another parade locally that we will march in as the Elephant in the Living Room Group, hope it goes as well!

    Thanks for the efforts you have made to get the rest of us motivated and marching. 


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