Thursday, May 1, 2008

Walk Story - 2008 Plymouth, NH - Denise

Here is a Walk Story from Denise who participated in the Plymouth, NH

What a great concept... Thank You ...

My daughter helped to organize the students on her campus this past month. It
was such wonderful therapy for her. She was raped September of '06. The students, fraternities and friends that came on her behalf was endearing to me, and empowering to her...especially when the sporting team of the "creep" were among the groups walking for her. (Thank God he had left the school in '06)

Men supporting women - MEN saying no - I love it! It is lovely to know good does still exist in the world. Its been such a scary place lately. The boys there today, not too many with heels - perhaps daunted by the snow and ice - still looked cute with their ribbons. It made me cry.

On my daughter's behalf - Thank you and your organization.


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