Friday, September 26, 2008

Walk Story - 2008 Yankton, SD, USA

Here is a Walk Story from Emelie Haigh, one of the organizer's for the
Yankton, SD, USA Walk:

Best Moments of the Walk:

To be honest, it is hard to choose just one, but here are a few:

- When all of the men started arriving, dressed up in dresses, just
having fun while helping out a great cause. (Side note: many wore
dresses because their friends said they would give them more money if
they did.)

- One man, who is a stay at home dad and had the second highest amount
of pledges, had two companions in the Walk with him: his two sons,
ages 3 and 5, wore little girl's red sandals to Walk with Dad.

- After the Walk, one of the men approached our staff and commented
that as he walked and saw the people cheering for them all, he could
see in the faces of some of the women that there was more behind their
cheers - that they had lived with abuse in their lives.

Our Most Challenging Moment:

Figuring out where to store our shoes for next year!

Thank you so much for helping us do this event and for developing it!
It was a lot of fun for everyone in our community, and we are excited
to do it again next year!

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