Tuesday, August 4, 2009

News - August 4, 2009

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes | Random Musings
By davidhburton 
There's a great fundraising event in Toronto on October 1st by the White Ribbon Campaign called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. It's to raise money and awareness in.
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Espresso Named Agency of Record for Walk a Mile In Her Shoes ...
By Jen 
As the agency of record, Espresso has developed the brand identity, website and PSA for the White Ribbon Campaign's event. The agency will launch a strategic integrated marketing campaign that will involve print promotions, social media ...
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People Working to End Violence Against Women: Walk A Mile In Her ...
By White Ribbon Campaign 
This first Toronto edition of the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes® fundraising event asks men to literally walk one mile in women's high-heeled shoes. It's not easy, but it gets the community talking about something that's really difficult to ...
People Working to End Violence... - http://ourfuturehasnoviolenceagainstwomen.blogspot.com/
Random Musings Random Musings Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
There's a great fundraising event in Toronto on October 1st by the White Ribbon Campaign called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes It's to raise money and awareness ...

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Todd Minerson said...

Hi Frank - Todd Minerson here from the White Ribbon Campaign in Canada.

I also wrote a short article in response to some of the concerns about the politics of the Walk A Mile in Her Shoes events, and the process we undertook to decide to hold one.

You can view it here...